Dam design excel spreadsheet

This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. Some are essential to make our site work; others help us improve the user experience. By using the site, you consent to the placement of these cookies. CPAs are often tasked with vetting or working with numbers in a spreadsheet.

And while accountants are well - trained to identify and correct accounting errors, spreadsheets bring the danger of many other types of errors. That's a scary statistic, especially when one considers that decisions involving thousands or even millions of dollars are often based on spreadsheets. Decisions based on bad information can be hazardous to an organization's bottom line.

The ultimate goal is to have a spreadsheet that produces accurate results, but as worksheets grow in size and complexity, ensuring accuracy becomes more difficult. Making even one small change in a spreadsheet may cause a ripple effect with unexpected consequences. What can a CPA do? This article walks you through different methods and built - in tools that can be used to audit and debug Excel spreadsheets.

The instructions below refer to Excel but also work, with some tweaks, for Excel When initially opening a spreadsheet, first obtain a quick overall understanding of the spreadsheet, its parts, and the interaction between formulas and values.

dam design excel spreadsheet

To see this in action, open the example spreadsheet. When you open the spreadsheet, a circular references warning pops up. Ignore this warning for now. The spreadsheet contains student scores in various categories, which are then weighted to get an overall weighted score for the class.

Examine how it is put together. Because certain areas of this spreadsheet have been named, the name appears over those sections see "Overall View of the Spreadsheet Layout". Note where the formulas are and that there are inconsistencies in the formulas' sizes. In fact, as you zoom in on some of those inconsistencies, you see that they contain hard - coded values rather than formulas. For example, StudentMM is always going to get At some point, that cell formula was overwritten.

In this case, if you copy the formula in the cell below it into cell BB42, you will get the correct score. Knowing where the formulas are and what they are supposed to do is the first step. Syntax errors are the easiest to find because the spreadsheet expresses them in bold.Email preferred method of contact.

Contact Us Search. Dam Spillway Design Rating:. Description A spillway is a structure used to provide the controlled release of flows from a dam or levee into a downstream area, typically being the river that was dammed. In the UK they may be known as overflow channels. Spillways release floods so that the water does not overtop and damage or even destroy the dam. Except during flood periods, water does not normally flow over a spillway.

In contrast, an intake is a structure used to release water on a regular basis for water supply, hydroelectricity generation, etc. Floodgates and fuse plugs may be designed into spillways to regulate water flow and dam height. Other uses of the term "spillway" include bypasses of dams or outlets of a channels used during highwater, and outlet channels carved through natural dams such as moraines.

Energy dissipation As water passes over a spillway and down the chute, potential energy converts into increasing kinetic energy. Failure to dissipate the water's energy can lead to scouring and erosion at the dam's toe base.

This can cause spillway damage and undermine the dam's stability. The energy can be dissipated by addressing one or more parts of a spillway's design. Flip bucket - Second, at the base of a spillway, a flip bucket can create a hydraulic jump and deflect water upwards. Ski jump - A ski jump can also direct water horizontally and eventually down into a plunge pool or two ski jumps can direct their water discharges to collide with one another. Stilling basin - Third, a stilling basin at the terminus of a spillway serves to further dissipate energy and prevent erosion.

They are usually filled with a relatively shallow depth of water and sometimes lined with concrete. A number of velocity-reducing components can be incorporated into the their design to include chute blocks, baffle blocks, wing walls, surface boils or an end sill.

This download is a zip file which includes four separate Excel files: Bucket design. Submitted By:. This download is for Registered Users Only. Perhaps you need to login or register. Comments: 2. Thank you for this spreadsheet! It is clearly written and definitely worth checking out! Keep up the good work! JohnDoyle[Admin] 8 years ago. Thank you for your debut calculation Harish.This content cannot be displayed without JavaScript.

Please enable JavaScript and reload the page. The traditional approach for sizing pipelines in fluid piping systems is done using spreadsheet programs. These provide a platform for organizing data and performing the single pipeline calculations for pipeline friction loss. However, in order to sustain a competitive advantage in today's marketplace, it is critical that you consider new technology that provides a total system view of the piping system.

This article investigates features which improve your total system view including visualization, calculations, communications, and access. Fluid Flow Software vs. Spreadsheets provide a platform for organizing data and performing the single pipeline calculations for pipeline friction loss.

If done correctly, spreadsheets can save time when performing single pipeline headloss calculations. A clear picture can be better obtained by incorporating the following features into a single fluid flow program:. These features, along with a robust network calculation engine, provide a clearer picture of the piping system. Fluid piping systems are made of pumps, tanks, components, controls, and interconnecting pipelines.

A piping schematic drawing shows how the items in the system are connected. These drawings provide a system overview and are used for the life of the plant.

When calculating the pipeline head loss with a spreadsheet program, the names of the individual pipelines and the design data are taken off the CAD drawing and manually entered into the spreadsheet's columns and rows. This provides a satisfactory method to organize data and eliminates the need to reenter the pipeline information each time single pipeline calculations are performed.

However, the spreadsheet's row and column format does little to show how the pipelines are connected into a fluid piping system. For example when entering a pump on the FLO-Sheet, the pump's unique name is entered, along with the elevation and operating characteristics.

After the various piping system objects are placed on the FLO-Sheet, the interconnecting pipelines are drawn and the pipeline data is entered. The data for the pipe material, valves, and process fluids are looked up in engineering data tables; this not only simplifies data entry, but also insures that the data is entered correctly.

Fluid Flow Software vs. Spreadsheets

Notes and call out boxes can be added to the FLO-Sheet to improve the presentation quality of the piping schematic drawing. A typical pipe sizing spreadsheet looks at only a single pipeline, calculating the head loss loss for a given flow rate.

If the piping system consists of multiple pipelines in series, the total system head loss can be calculated using the spreadsheet's sum feature. If the system consists of branching pipelines it is difficult to set up the spreadsheet to calculate the proper flow rate for each branch.

Piping systems consisting of multiple parallel paths are very difficult to setup using a spreadsheet. Separate spreadsheets need to be developed to evaluate pumps and control valves. The program uses the FLO-Sheet drawing to set up the equations needed to calculate the balanced flow rates.Search Box Search for:. Other resources The Association of State Dam Safety Officials offers timely information relevant to a variety of audiences.

Formerly the U. The U. These U. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration publications, too, have proved helpful in dam design, including Stilling Basin Design. Significant and High Hazard Dam EAP Seminar This free non-technical seminar reviews the regulations and basic information needed for an emergency action plan. For more information,contact Terry Medley at or terry. Text Size: aA aA Reset.

Permit requirements Dam safety resources Dam safety contacts. The Kansas Dam Safety Program works to increase and promote public awareness of the benefits and risks related to dams through educational conferences, symposia, workshops, publications, event representation and other activities.

DWR-required design report example. Rules and Regulations Checklist for Dams. Model Dam Breach Inundation Zoning Regulations Dam Consulting Engineers Listing Neither intended to be complete listing nor an endorsement, this list of engineers with dam expertise was developed to provide a resource of available dam services.

On the federal government level, the FEMA National Dam Safety Program publishes various media of interest to dam owners, emergency management, and engineers, including the popular collaborative product Pocket Dam Safety Guide.

Kansas Dam Safety Conference Beginning inthe Water Structures Program at the Division of Water Resources has hosted an annual conference to increase stakeholder knowledge of dam safety and state regulations. To increase owner and public awareness, state dam safety personnel from the Kansas Department of Agriculture, Division of Water Resources, can present a free, 2-hour Dam Safety Seminar for your group. This seminar can be tailored to meet the needs of individual dam owners, facility managers, maintenance personnel, emergency planning and response agencies, neighborhood associations, and others.

Learn about owner liability and responsibilities, operation and maintenance, failure problems, solutions, and related information. For more information, contact Terry Medley at or terry.Download Barrage Design Excel Sheet. Design of Barrage Excel Sheet. These Civil Engineering Spreadsheets contain complete design of the structural elements of structures itself.

All of them are very precious and very important for every civil engineer as they reduce a lot of time and one can easily check by hit and trial different design values etc. All are available for free download for all our valuable members. This is a general sheet woth formulas you just have to chnage values and you will see the result in different cells because the formulas have been added in it.

This sheet is shared by Mr. Taimoor, one of our member. More Sheets will be added with the passage of time. So keep visiting civilengineerspk.

Click here to see all excel spreadsheet available on civilengineerspk. I have not been able to download Design of Barrage Excel Sheet, Kindly approve access, so that i can download. Can you let me be a member, I need that early please I will be thankful if you give me access to this file. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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dam design excel spreadsheet

I want to become member of it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.ExcelCalcs is a community who share an interest in making calculations with MS Excel. Use our XLC add-in for Excel to display cell formulas as easily readable mathematical equations.

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Design of Barrage Excel Sheet

Institute of Mechanical Engineers Forum Administrator. I had been using the MS equation editor which took hours of my time and I often mistyped.

Now I can generate equations directly from cell formulas instantaneously. Great idea. Thanks again and well done. This afternoon you saved me hours by downloading a repository calculation rather than authoring my own - thank you! Highly recommended! Email preferred method of contact. Contact Us Search. Our Excel addin software displays cell formulae as mathematical equations. This innovative cell formula verification tool turns Excel into an engineer's calculation pad. It is essential for all engineers, teachers and students.

It works with Excel, and Download XLC Browse our calcs Increase Productivity Builds on existing Excel skills Use Excel files to distribute knowledge widely Fast learning curve compared to other Maths software Reuse of Repository items Access to expert knowledge in forum.

Reduce Errors Double check cell formulae with mathematical equations Check directly against the textbook Learn quickly by example Reduce rework Quality assurance through forum feedback. Anyone can view our calculations pages for inspiration Free subscriptions for contributors! Consultancy Engineering consultants Finite Element Analysis Strain gauge testing World renowned client list Provided services since It's easy to make a mistake with Excel formulas as I know because I make them all the time but its easy to see where you have gone wrong when you check against equations.

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dam design excel spreadsheet

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dam design excel spreadsheet

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My PE says he threw out all of the old concrete design books, and no other references are available or authorized for purchase.

I want some calculations or a free on-line reference so I can show myself that the wall will hold water, resist a bump from a truck, and not overturn, slide or sink.

I will submit it all to my PE for his approval once I am done. I have not had any luck finding my old school books and notes. Any help will be appreciated. One foot high-sounds almost like a curb. You might consider designing it like a curb, with a gutter pan about 18" wide at the surface.

This is so a truck would sit on this when it bumped the wall, and it would be less likely to slide or tip. Is this crude oil, then maybe an asphalt surface is OK. I would have thought you would need either concrete or a geomembrane.

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